Sunday, 18 June 2006

rough house

mastroenisentoff.gifSo USA managed to get a point against Italy. Final Score 1:1. Let's not forget the three red cards (one Italian and two American), one own goal by the Italians, one disallowed goal, one bloodied face, three stitches and 37 fouls.

The United States have now conceded 49 goals in World Cup finals. Italy is the main contributor with nine goals in three matches. America's record against teams from Europe in the World Cup is now three wins, two draws and 11 defeats.

Italy have stretched their unbeaten sequence to 20 internationals.

Meanwhile, for petrolheads, France's Le Mans continues! Here's a Porsche and Ferrari battling it out at 10:30 this morning.
AudiDieselFirstYes, this Audi diesel won the Le Mans 24h endurance race.

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