Sunday, 18 June 2006

camels of England

Although I live close to London, we have some pretty countryside nearby and I have a choice when I leave home to head for the big roads and motorways, or to take a slightly different route about 300 meters from home, which leads to a country road and finally into a track. Ideal direction to take the now mainly functional bicycle.
So today, thats what I did, and before long I spotted the first red deer, munching foliage by the side of the track. I did spot a few more, and they generally stood to observe me before sauntering away.
Further along, the track thins further, but is still quite easy to ride.
Then I spotted some wild ponies. The area is technically an extension of a much larger forest further to the south called the New Forest which was first given this name in 1079 by William the Conqueror - that the fella that fought King Harold back in 1066.
Then the track continues and more conventional livestock such as sheep graze by the side of the track.
But my favourite spot today was the camel, grazing in a nearby field.

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