Thursday, 11 May 2006

Thursday Thirteen (V21)

1. Yesterday I noticed that some Thursday Thirteens had already started to appear before my day had flipped. I resisted the temptation to pre-load anything.
2. Actually, I was so tired last night that I don't think it would have made any sense in any case.
3. Like a week ago, I'd been on some late video link ups to Atlanta and Sweden. It sure beats travelling for some purposes, but on this occasion we had a slight delay on the line, which meant we kept interrupting one another.
4. So it was a Thai chicken ready-meal when I finally got home yesterday, before I departed to the land of nod.
5. I'm ashamed to admit that I looked in a neglected part of my inbox yesterday and found just over 4000 unread inmails. Now you are right to surmise they were 'Bulk Mail', but at least my force fields were set to 'High' so there wasn't really any 'bad hotmail' in there. You know what I'm talking about. Now clean and tidy again.
6. I have been trying to edit another piece of video for the Vlog, but it keeps going wrong with a file error. It's a shame, because I quite like the piece. My backup is a fellah playing banjo on a train by route 66. I expect I will post that instead.
7. I packed away my Final Cut Pro DVDs and some other bits and pieces and sent them to Apple in Ireland a couple of days ago. They say they will exchange them (for a fee) for the Universal format version, which means I should be able to edit with FCP on my Intel Mac. Frankly the iMovie on there is already quite useful for a lot of basic editing in any case.
8. I started a post about the daleks yesterday, before I remembered it was supposed to be Wordless Wednesday. I was going to do a text with holes blown in it by the daleks. They have a new catchphrase now - instead of 'EX-TER-MIN-ATE' they also say 'You will be deleted'. Scary.
9. I was with Tatiana yesterday looking out at the grey skies whilst we waited for a coffee to finish making that coffee shooshing noise. She said 'beautiful day' and meant it. I realised she was referring to the green leaves of spring. Its all about perspective.
10. However one looks at it, today is an excellent day around here.
11. Is still my favourite number.
12. TT is a kind of meme. I can remember when a lot of people didn't know what a meme was. I bet a lot of people still don't know what a mneme is, although its actually an older concept as a unit of social evolution.
13. I'm sitting writing this about 4 metres from some freshly brewed Java. The aroma is overpowering and I need some right now.

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