Thursday, 25 May 2006

Thors-Tag Thirteen (ish)

I know its supposed to be Thursday 13, but Simon isn't so good with prime numbers and went all the way to 21 in this tag. I feel obliged to post it as a Thursday 13 with an added bonus 8.

1 I am a child of the universe
2 I want very little that I don't seem to attain
3 I wish my friends happiness
4 I hate very little but consider negative energy unappealing
5 I love my partner
6 I fear crocodiles under the bed
7 I hear many beautiful sounds and sometimes my own blood pumping
8 I wonder whether The Marriage of Figaro is a numeric puzzle
9 I regret little and have learned to act in the moment
10 I am not a bad person but I can be naughty
11 I dance like a spider on vaseline
12 I sing sometimes with very strange voices
13 I cry from the rooftops that we can all be amazing
13a I make electrons spin to my thoughts
13b I write in space
13c I confuse myself without losing my smile or sense of wonder
13d I need care and attention to remain in perfect working order
13e I should always live in wide time
13f I start many adventures
13g I finish most cups of tea
13h I tag cq, mar, nat and roger (whom I promote to lower case). But there's no obligation.

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