Sunday, 14 May 2006

Big Noddy

There's a complicated news story in the US at the moment allegedly involving a grand jury, Iraq, the powerful deputy White House Chief of staff and strategy advisor to George Bush(Karl Rove), the CIA and hints towards evidence from the Vice President Dick Cheney.

The twists and turns of the story seem to revolve around whether there was a junket style trip to Africa to investigate possible nuclear sales before the Iraq war. The sequencing and trail is convoluted at every turn, yet many of the documents are a matter of public record.

So the other US secrecy news is about the National Security Agency now being able to operate inside the USA in the way it does to the rest of the world using its so named 'Big Noddy' technology, which intercepts some 650million transmissions a day.

The challenge seems to be that if a bunch of senior and well reported and documented US officials can have stories so complex to unravel, then what hope for the internal surveillance systems to find anything useful?

Maybe they will need Big Ears as well?

Mind the air gap.

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