Thursday, 6 April 2006

Thursday Thirteen (V18)

1. I was surprised last night that some people had already loaded their Thursday Thirteen blogs. Very keen.
2. Today I noticed that the Apple announcement about Windows working on a Mac was circulating.
3. You can get Apple's info about the software to make this work here and there's a handy little article about it here

4. I ran a link to the Windows story back on the 20th March.
5. It is strange seeing the long list of Windows style driver and installation errors published on the Apple web site. I'm used to running Macs that just work.
6. There's around 150 photos of the Mac running WIndows on flickr here
7. BBC Radio is doing a survey of how much music we all listen to in an average day. You can download the diary to complete here
8. Spent part of the day PowerPointing for a presentation tomorrow.
9. Had a strange IM debate about the continuum between tweaking, twiddling and frobnicating.
10. Just enjoying a slice of Emmental cheese.
11. Is still my favourite number;
12. I have turned over the cushion with the large hole in it, but I still know its there.
13. I threw away an entire 1.75mx1m filing cabinet's worth of paper during this week. Is that spring cleaning?

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