Sunday, 30 April 2006

movie mogul

I've been watching Freevlog to understand how to broadcast an internet video channel from this blog. Their great site walks you through the process of creating your own videoblog using free internet tools. They don't cover making the movie, but once its edited, freevlog shows you what to do to get it loaded and accessible on internet video channels.

If you click on the videoclip above or here, then you can see my short version of Ryan and Michael's introduction to vlogging. Do check out their freevlog site too!

The basics:
1 create the video
2 compress it to a size suitable for web streaming.
3 load it to a site (eg as a .mov or similar format.
4 make a reference to the video from within the blog in the same ways as referencing a picture
5 configure your blog to create a feedburner RSS 2.0 feed (ie set up a feedburner feed as if you want to podcast)
6 add a feed icon button to your blog to allow people to select the feed
7 and yippee you have an internet video channel

Then tell some of the aggregators (like and that you are in the movie business!
Go on, click my feed!

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