Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Mont Broc

broken mont blanc pen
I've think I'm more of a biro person than a smart fountain pen user. There's always an unlimited supply of free ballpoints, everywhere, except next to telephones.

That's not to say I don't have a 'cheque signing' pen, which was a free gift after I took a couple of flights. Its a Mont Blanc, but has been rather unlucky.

Although I've had it for some time, there's an unfortunate design fault when it goes into a plane, where it seems to squirt ink into the pen, sorry - writing instrument - top.

As I don't use it very often, it also seems to run out of ink in a mysterious way, beyond the small amounts it leaves in pockets and bags. I used it for a while with a big bottle of Mont Blanc ink, but then switched to the more compact cartridges.

Then the barrel cracked and the specialist explained it was made from resin imported from Switzerland. I received the replacement but continued to use Argos and Reader's Digest freebies.

Now, today, I find the pen in the corner of my bag, in pieces. The cartridge doesn't make quite as much mess as the old rotary filler, but this time the Swiss resin will stay broken and I will use the twisty rollerball I picked up from the hotel yesterday.

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