Saturday, 29 April 2006

fireant, mad science and music

I've posted a few video extracts here over the last few months and think it will be fun to consolidate them into a channel.

My most recent attempt was the little video clip I added for Christina and Jenny's 'Hey DJ' song (They're called 'the cj'). The full version of the song is across on Christina's site. I'm posting the cut down video here as well, as a way to get some initial content for the tv channel (if I can eventually get it working).

I like the idea of FireAnt, which delivers video through a simple viewer which displays content without having to worry about which format.

And Yay! its up and running. Click the picture above to get fireant tv and the rashbre central channel! There's only one video on it at the moment, but give me time!

Here's the video...looks like I'm on the way to becoming a Vlogger (!)

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