Saturday, 22 April 2006

bug spattered on windshield en route to the enchanted castle


A 520 mile round trip today and one of the things I noticed was the windscreen of the car was splattered with insects by the end of the journey. It is quite early in the season for this and probably the first time this year that I've had to use the wipers to sweep away such carnage rather than to remove frost or rain.

I'm told that driving at less than 50mph gives bugs a chance to slipstream out of the way, but above that they can't take evasive action and its beyond their exoskeleton design point.

We are also in the time of year for low flying birds. Fledgling pilots take to the skies around now and some of them don't get the hang of crossing roads higher than the height of an average car. I noticed several examples on the twisty lanes on the way back.

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