Monday, 24 April 2006

the big city

I was in Central London for a meeting today, in a hotel near to Park Lane and Mayfair. At the end of the meeting, I was in an elevator with a couple of London tourists, who were looking a little bit lost in the hotel surroundings. They were Brits and spending a couple of days on a shopping mission to the big city. I chatted breifly with them and then accelerated away.
I caught a couple of tube trains, then walked the last ten minutes to my next destination, spent around half an hour there and was then leaving when I saw two people pausing outside the entrance to the building.
It was the same two tourists, and they had remembered me from the hotel. We greeted one another and were equally surprised at the co-incidence that our paths would cross again in the busy-ness of London. Today's photos are from my phone, taken during the tube journey.

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