Thursday, 9 February 2006

Thursday Thirteen (V11.0)

1. Didn't get home this evening until around 10pm;
2. Probably spent at least 5 hours on the phone today; last few calls were New York, Stockholm, Paris and Sydney.
3. Considered today to be one of the sunniest days I've experienced in the UK so far this year;
4. Talked to a Swedish (not Danish) friend today who said she'dwalked past the Danish embassy a couple of days ago but been very self conscious that she is quite tall and blonde;
5. Discovered this afternoon that I have a breakfast meeting tomorrow in a hotel, which I didn't know about;
6. Need to start the major edit of my Nanowrimo book; Enough time has passed now to give me a perspective on what I wrote;
7. Starting to wonder what happens to my itunes downloads if I change another couple of computers, iTunes sets a limit on the number of computers its tunes can be played upon;
8. Using the new Windows IE7 on my thinkpad; it looks a bit schizophrenic;
9. Windows announced my email archive was full today; I had to spend half an hour archiving from the full archive to another one; another time sink;
10. Julie just told me she is getting lots of fan mail from her writing;
11. Started Christina Notts web site; it needs a lot of work; abandoned the first one in iWeb and now using Blogger;
12. Tuesday was another day to don a radio mic; probably the fifth time within the last month;
13. I'm hungry.
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