Saturday, 25 February 2006


Well it looks as if the Bongo Club will come through as a venue for Bubble and Squeek's production at the Edinburgh Fringe. The Bongo Club runs as a cafe, exhibition and rehearsal space during the day, and then transforms into a multi media venue for live music, theatre and clubs at night. It recently moved from its disintegrating site in New Street to a funky new location in Holyrood Road.
bongo facilitiesThe Bongo Club specializes in the art and music of the underground, so is ideal for a mixed music, art and theatre piece about underground artists! The Bongo Club mixes live music, film, theatre and DJ's breaking the traditional mould for a nightclub.

What better place to stage a production?

In the words of the Scotsman, "The Bongo Club seems to have lost none of its inspired chaos."
This weekend the various papers are being examined and then the pre-production work will start in earnest in May. Expect updates here until the proper web site kicks in soon.

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