Thursday, 29 December 2005

Thursday Thirteen (V7.0)

13 florida things (V7.0) about rashbre

1. The Florida base is rashbre south. An occasional refuge from London and the Home Counties;
2 This the second Christmas in Florida. Last time it was Christmas in Florida and New Year in New York;
3. New Year, New York included Times Square and was the year Avril Lavigne played on the rooftop;
4. I have some Christmas lights for the Weston Hills house, but can't compete with the neighbours, who seem to adopt almost civil engineering levels of garden and house redevelopment;
5. The 20-25 degree Centrigrade weather is a welcome break from the 0-8 degrees around London;
6. We have a list of things to do which is way too ambitious, but will at least have a large range of options;
7. The maxi sized refrigerator is now well stocked thanks to Publix -including a proper Key Lime Pie.
8. I don't understand the difference between Coke Cola Light, Diet and Zero?
9. The pool is shimmering invitingly and I shall take a dip after completing this list;
10. I'm pleased to be able to drive around the whole area now without using maps, including all the nifty short cuts across Disney property;
11. About half our neighbours have employment in some way directly related to Disney; the people in the house behind us are involved with the Polynesian Resort - which does the fun Luau;
12. The nearby Route 27 still has plenty of orange groves, but redevelopment marches on;
13. I will want to visit House of Blues and Cirque du Soleil whilst we are here;

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