Sunday, 25 December 2005

rashbre south

Off tomorrow to rashbre south for a few days, across in Weston Hills, Clermont, Florida, close to Disney. We'll be seeing the big cheese and visiting a reasonable number of the attractions. I hope the tree is still in the garage and we can make the lights work. Quite a few neighbours do elaborate lighting displays, so its fun walking around the neighbourhood. And we'll probably head over to Celebration, where the main street has regular snow falls just like a cold place. A surreal experience.

So bags packed this evening, and London Gatwick for the BA flight in the morning. Touchdown Orlando around 16:40, then drive to rashbre south, unpack bags and then across to Publix on the 192 for the first big grocery shop.

I suspect rashbre central will be off the air until I return to the UK.

New Year's Greetings to all - back around the 6th January.

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