Thursday, 1 December 2005

Mince Pie

As the clock flicked from Wednesday to Thursday, we moved from NaNoWriMo into December. I added a few words yesterday towards the last chapter finalising my word count at an elegant 51111, and expect another 2,000 will see the first draft completed.

I decided to re-read the first section tonight with a celebratory mince pie topped with Grand Marnier and champagne cream (10 words) and although there are some obvious errors from my speed tiping and some "facts that are now wrong" (Like I forgot Jake's last name), I can see the potential to tidy it up into something presentable.

If anyone wants a peep at what I've been up to, try this link, which takes you to the book and then, by turning the page, to the first couple of thousand words, by way of an extract.

Opinions welcome, but please be slightly kind.

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