Sunday, 27 November 2005

Finn Fic - In the Pirkinning

"Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning" is a free and downloadable low-budget movie made by five guys from Finland with filmic production values and homebaked computer generated images.

Emperor Pirk is a star fleet commander who declares himself as an overlord and the story that unfolds amidst space battles is a stark reminder of how dangerous the mixture of ambition, cowardice and stupidity is.

The story begins with Captain James B. Pirk of the starship Kickstart shipwrecked in 2006 with his crew. Originally from the distant future, Pirk and crew travelled back in time to save the Earth from hostile aliens, but lost their ship and became stranded. Pirk adapts to 21st Century fast food and finds it difficult to convince the ladies he is an intergalactic space hero. Then he comes up with a questionable plan to save mankind's future...

Thank you, Finland. Here's the trailer

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