Sunday, 13 November 2005

blue guitars

Chris-Rea-Blue-Guitars-330969Julie thought of a great present for my birthday. Its a music album of different blues genres written and played by Chris Rea. Clearly a labour-of-love, Rea has assembled 11 CDs and a DVD packaged with a rather elegant book including his own paintings and commentary about the music. The CDs fit inside the book and the whole thing looks quite lavishly produced.
Yesterday I was listening to the Chicago Blues volume and the fully and sympathetically supported tracks are fluid, well-produced and have Chris Rea's gravelly voice adding a strong vocal dimension. Whilst some may consider this a showcase, one gets the feeling that Chris Rea really wanted to make this all-new set (it says it took eighteen months) and included are photos of the guitars and other instruments used.

I think it will take over ten hours to listen to them all just once, but I'm enjoying selecting a genre, cranking the volume and just enjoying the vibe. Excellent and I didn't have to wait until Christmas either!

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