Friday, 14 October 2005

Citizen 32 at Matt & Phred's

Matt and Phred's is a cool jazz club in Manchester, where the new radical literature and arts magazine Citizen 32 has just launched. Citizen 32 focuses on contemporary issues bringing new and established poets and writers together.

Friend of this blog John Challis was amongst the poets on show.

Citizen 32's featured poets include diverse work from such established artists as Harold Pinter, Adrian Mitchell, Roger McGough as well as much new talent.

Compèring the launch night was Jackie Hagan, poet and dramatist who gave each poet a strong introduction, making it clear that no distinctions were being made for experience or talent – tonight everyone was equal.
The first on the bill were the Wild Women Collective, five poets each with their own different styles and agendas. It was a good mix to begin and, in BBC Manchester's words "John Challis shone out from the group with his raw and sensual poem, Passion". Others making impact were Irish poet Aiofe Mannix with exerpts from "The Elephant in the Corner" and the inimitable Chloe Poem’s "The Ballad of Will Young".

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