Sunday, 7 August 2005

Some Girl(s)

Melanie and John had bought us tickets to Some Girl(s) at the Gielgud. We joined what was to be a packed theatre. David Schwimmer led the five person ensemble and played an ordinary and mildly ridiculous professional man about to get married, on a trail seeking closure with several old flames. He met each in hotel rooms spread across Seattle, Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles. His, for me, Ross-like performance style was edged with deliberate nervousness and ducking of awkward pauses by diving in to the mini-bars for Evian and cashew nuts.
At the same time, you glean that he's a whirl of thoughtless egotism who has left a trail of lasting hurt and bitterness in his wake. And he is now having his own early mid-life crisis. Just under the surface, he is a mess of anxieties, regrets, indecision and potential infidelity.

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