Monday, 29 August 2005

Bank Holiday guitar break

UK Bank Holiday and a chance to recharge the batteries after a few days of intense driving, lifting, shifting and similar. Time to get to know the new guitar and to start to learn a few chords. The easy ones first, E, Em, A, C, F, G, D and then the more difficult B.
So Jimi Hendrix had "Hey Joe" as A G D E C. Strange that mine doesn't sound anything like the original. The G-DEC amp is great for doing some practice, using the rhythm tracks as backing. It makes for a much better sense of accomplishment than simply playing chord changes.

Created a 'Clean' User preset also, so that I can play the guitar 'straight through' without echo, amplifier simulations, fuzz etc. I see there is also a new preset editor from Fender; I will need to check it out.
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