Monday, 2 May 2005

Basingstoke's flying car

On wednesday, a car flew from the A30 into the top floor of a house in Basingstoke, Hants, England and dropped back to the ground. The driver and passenger were seriously injured but are in stable condition. Police say the car hit a curb and 'launched through the air.' There is now an investigation looking for some other 'hot hatch' cars which were seen in the vicinity at a similar time.

 Media Images 41086000 Jpg  41086775 Carinhouse203Joyce Harman told BBC News how she and her husband Joe were woken by the crash. 'It was just horrendous,' she said.'My husband thought the dog had knocked something over downstairs but as he got to the bedroom door he could see the hole in the wall and all the furniture moved.'That's when we came downstairs and saw the car there.'

The story made frontpage in the Gazette.
And good coverage on the BBC.

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